Sandy 3D

Heute ist das erste Release (RC0) von Sandy 3.0 erschienen. Es handelt sich um eine 3D-Engine, die mit dieser Version nun auch für ActionScript 3 vorliegt.

Einige Features sind:

  • Simple and more powerful API
  • Frustum culling and Frustum clipping
  • compatible with majority of tween libraries (Tweener, etc. )
  • real scene graph representation, with a fully integration of the camera as an element of this scene tree.
  • flexible objects mapping
  • Parsers able to load more that 1 single object. (ASE, 3DS-basic-, COLLADA formats)
  • possibility to choose the depth sorting between Object and Polygon level.
  • built-in bubbling event system
  • Sprite2D and Sprite3D (understand oriented sprite) integration.

Link: Sandy 3.0 RC0
Link: Demos