On2 Flix Publisher 2.0

Wie vor kurzen berichtet (Encoding von Flashvideos auf Client-Seite), ermöglicht Flix Publisher die browserbasierte Umwandlung von Videos in das Flashformat. Anstatt der zurzeit üblichen Verfahrensweise, dass Anwender ihre Videos in einem beliebigen Format (z.B. MPEG, WMV, etc.) uploaden, werden die Videos schon beim Nutzer ins Flashvideo-Format encodet.

Der Flix Publisher liegt nun in Version 2.0 vor und wartet u.a. mit folgenden Features auf:

• anpassbar an das eigenen Design („giving users a seamless branded experience in encoding, previewing and submitting videos“)
• browserbasiert und Drag&Drop-Unterstützung für eine einfache Handhabung
• On2 VP6 Codec
• weniger Traffic, da nur die komprimierten Flashvideos hochgeladen werden
• weniger Ressourcen (Speicherplatz, Rechenleistung, …), da keine serverseitige Konvertierung stattfindet

On2 Flix Publisher is a fully customizable software development kit. It can be branded by the website owner and integrated directly into their web pages, giving users a seamless branded experience in encoding, previewing and submitting videos.

On2 Flix Publisher empowers users to automatically encode and publish videos to websites using only the web browser on their PCs with simple drag and drop operation. On2 Publisher encodes videos within the browser on a user’s PC in On2 VP6 for Flash format, the compression format licensed by Adobe® from On2 as the video format for Adobe Flash Player 8.

For website operators, On2 Flix Publisher enables significant cost savings within the video submission process. All videos are encoded to site-defined requirements and uploaded to the site servers, ready for immediate publishing.

Using On2 Flix Publisher, sites are able to control their expenditures on video transcoding servers, upload bandwidth, and storage space, resulting in substantial cost savings, both in infrastructure and labor, which are among the largest operating cost elements for video websites. Users are able to preview the quality of their video playback prior to submission to the video website, in addition to minimizing expertise and time required for users to submit videos to such sites.

“On2 Flix Publisher is a good example of how On2 is working behind the scenes in the revolution that is underway with UGC and social networking on the web,” said to Bill Joll, president and CEO of On2. “Video sites have struggled to convert the videos they receive to Flash, dealing with multiple file formats, transcoding server costs, and wasted bandwidth as users upload poorly compressed files. On2 Flix Publisher provides an elegant solution and introduces efficiency into this costly process by removing transcoding servers altogether, employing the processing power of the user’s desktop, and compressing into the superior VP6 for Flash format prior to upload, thus reducing upload bandwidth consumption. For users, the innovative approach we have devised for publishing video allows anyone to become a video publisher and grow the universe of video creation and consumption through fundamentally easier, faster and new ways of producing and publishing video.”

Flash has become the de facto standard video format on the web, with most UGC and social networking sites using Flash video almost exclusively. With the introduction of On2 VP6 for Flash 8 video, which renders video in higher quality at lower bandwidths than previous versions of Flash, such sites are moving to the new format through On2 Flix Publisher and On2’s other Flix products. As the developer of On2 VP6, On2 is the largest provider of Flash 8 video encoding software and solutions.

Quelle: On2 Pressemeldung (7.12.06)

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