Red5 v0.7 final

Red 5 Flash Streaming ServerRed5, ein Flash Server, liegt in einer neuen Version vor. Zu den neuen Fähigkeiten der „Flash Media Server“-Alternative gehören das Origin-/Edge-Clustering und ein Flex-basiertes Admintool.

Außerdem werden folgende Punkte als Neuerungen genannt:

  • Added a multi-threaded ApplicationAdapter that allows multiple clients to connect simultaneously to the same application
  • Added stream listeners that can get notified about received packets
  • Fixed a critical memory leak bug in networking due to MINA ExecutorFilter
  • Added new Flash Player 9 statuses NetStream.Play.FileStructureInvalid and NetStream.Play.NoSupportedTrackFound

Link: Red5 0.7 final


2 Gedanken zu „Red5 v0.7 final“

  1. Red5 0.7.0 Hotfix
    „This “hotfix” is meant to resolve issues with the final version of Red5 0.7.0. There is a problem with Jetty (versions 6.1.5 and 6.1.7) which causes it to spawn an extra java process that in turn attempts to bind to ports which are already bound. “

  2. Hier der Stand zu Red5 und H.264 (MPEG-4)

    „I am so happy right now, Steven helped me with the MP4 branch and now it „works“!

    After we worked out the time stamping and probable channel issues, it all came down to an SHA256 in the handshake routine. I still have a lot of clean up to do, but at least there is hope for 0.9.0 release“

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