SWXml is an Open Source API for SWX. It provides flash developers with a very easy way to create applications using the popular XML format (e.g. RSS Feeds, Atom, Media RSS, …). In short, SWXml is a generic XML parser for SWX.

SWXml parses an XML file and returns an array containing all the information. So you don’t need to write ActionScript Code for parsing, you can just use the data of the XML file in a native way

Link: Beispiele / Examples (english)
Link: Dokumentation / Documentation (english)
Download: SWXml 0.8.2 (.zip)


SWXml ist eine Open Source API für SWX. Mit SWXml kann man auf einfache Weise Flashanwendungen erstellen, die das beliebte XML Format (z.B. RSS Feeds, Atom, Media RSS, …) nutzen. SWXml ist ein generischer XML Parser für SWX.

SWXml liest eine XML Datei aus und gibt ein Array mit allen Informationen an Flash zurück. So muss man keine ActionScript Code schreiben, um den Feed zu parsen. Man kann die Daten aus dem Feed nativ in Flash nutzen.


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  1. Aral was kind enough to point me in the direction of this great util class. Unfortunately it only take a remote path as input.

    Would you be able to refactor this class slightly so I can pass a local string for processing too? This would allow me to perform a call to any application API which returns an xml file as a result and then ask SWXml to process it for me. And if you’re busy I’d be more than happy to contribute :)

    Nice work!

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  3. I updated the SWXml class (0.8.2):

    I added the possibility to send a local string containing XML to SWXml, e.g. <xml><demo>Hello World</demo></xml>.

    Therefore, there’s a new parameter called “xmlType”. If you set it to “string”, SWXml interprets the XML source as a local string, not as a URL (which is default). The parameter is optional, so the new version is fully backward compatible.

    I also prepared SWXml for mock data support.

    And last but not least: SWXml now checks if you send a valid URL that starts with ‘http’.

    By the way,SWX and SWXml also work perfect in the dashboard: SWXml dashboard picture (Mac OS X 10.5)

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