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COLOURlovers Screensaver

Here’s a screensaver for Mac, made with COLOURlovers API for Flash and SWF Screensaver for Flash. You can choose between two different COLOURlovers feeds: „new palettes“ and „top palettes“. The animation is written in Flex and chooses randomly a transition between the palettes.

If you don’t have an internet connection, the screensaver loads a default color palette. Have fun!

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  • COLOURlovers is a really cool community for sharing colors. You can find hundreds of thousands of color palettes and patterns. There’s also a nice RSS/XML API (COLOURlovers API) to access the content. I really like those kind of flash-friendly APIs, so I couldn’t resist to write some Flash classes. With COLOURlovers API for Flash you can easily use the functions of the XML API in ActionScript.

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