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Kuler Screensaver for Mac and Windows

Kuler Screensaver

Kuler Screensaver is a screensaver for Mac and Windows. It reads feeds from Adobe Kuler and presents color schemes on your desktop. You can choose between displaying the highest rated, most popular, random or newest color schemes. It’s also possible to create custom feeds by using filters(e.g. search term, user name, tags, hex values, …).

Kuler Screensaver is free and non-commercial.


Kuler Screensaver

Kuler Screensaver

Kuler Screensaver

Kuler Screensaver



You can choose between different feeds in the configuration panel of the screensaver:

  • Most recent
  • Most popular
  • Highest rated
  • Random
  • Search/Filter (+ search query)

Kuler Screensaver for Mac
(Version 2.0)

Kuler Screensaver for Windows
(Version 2.0)


Screensavers created with SWF Screensaver for Mac and Instantstorm.

This screensaver uses the Adobe Kuler API.
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