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1. Demonstration

1.1 Simple RSS Reader

This example reads the news feed of cnn.com. Just click on the text, to see the next news title. [show demo]

1.2 Kuler

This demonstration uses the Kuler API from Adobe. You can choose between three feeds and watch the color themes. [show demo]

SWXml parses the feeds and returns the hex values of the colors, that are stored in special elements from the Kuler namespaces. At the right side, it displays the title of the theme.

The Kuler feed looks like this:

		<kuler:themeTitle>sandy stone beach ocean diver</kuler:themeTitle>

1.3 Media Player

The Media Player demonstration is based on a Media RSS feed which is a RSS module used for syndicating multimedia files. You can watch the videos (.flv) of the feed. [show demo]

Here a part of the Media RSS feed:

		<title>Apple Wreath</title>
		<summary>Make a wreath that's the apple of anyone's eye. .. </summary>
		<media:content url="[......]videos/a_100_appleWreath.flv" type="video/x-flv" />
		<media:thumbnail url="[......]images/a_100_appleWreath_t.jpg" /></entry>

Since the example feed (better.tv) is prepared for the branding features of the new Adobe Media Player, this demo places the banner at the top and the background picture, specified in the feed. The corresponding part in the XML file looks like this:


1.4 Widget

This widget displays the last five items of the swxformat.org RSS feed. You can click each entry for the full article. [show demo]

1.5 Analyze feed format

This demo shows you how to determine a feed format with SWXml. Choose one of the predefined feeds or send your own feed URL and see what type of feed it is (RSS 0.92, RDF, RSS2 or Atom). [show demo]

1.6 iTunes

You can choose between several lists (new releases, top song, ...) from the iTunes Music store. This example takes some RSS feeds of the US iTMS and displays them. [show demo]

1.7 Yahoo! Weather

Using the RSS API of Yahoo! Weather, this demo sends a requests for the current weather in Berlin, Germany. [show demo]

1.8 miniRSS Reader for Flash Lite

You can also use SWXml in Flash Lite. This example is a RSS feed reader for your mobile device. [blog entry with screencast and download]

2. Examples


This example shows the element "title" of the CNN feed. [show example]


This example reads the element "title" and "description" of the CNN News Feed. It shows the latest three news entry, too. [show example]


This example shows the items of the NYT feed (title and link). [show example]


Look at the ActionScript Code to see ho to create a subset. [show example]


With SWXml, you can parse a local string. This example sends a simple string with some XML code to SWXml. [show example]

3. Examples for error handling

01-error-not-valid1 / 02-error-not-valid1

This examples show you how to handle an error from a broken XML file. [show example], [show example]


This example shows you how to handle if the XML file is not found. [show example]


This example shows you how to handle an error if the URL doesn't start with 'http'. [show example]

www.video-flash.de, Florian Plag, 12.11.2007