FLV Flash Fullscreen Video Player

FLV PlayerWhat is the FLV Flash Fullscreen Video Player?

Play all kinds of flash videos!

The FLV Flash Fullscreen Video Player plays .flv and .f4v. Furthermore, most of the videos in MPEG-4 format can played (.mp4, .3gp, .m4v, .f4v, .mov), so you can also show your mobile videos (for instance videos targeted for iPhone or iPad).

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Pimp it!

  • Display a preview picture for every video (or just use a custom picture as default).
  • Choose from various skins and set its color.
  • Customize all elements (Preloader, End Screen, etc.) by replacing them with flash files (templates included).


  • Shows every automatically video in its native size so that it looks nice. Of course, you can scale also manually.
  • Full-Screen mode
  • Use closed captions (timed text standard / XML)
  • Present preroll ads before your video.
  • Works with Streaming Servers (Wowza, Flash Media Server, Red, etc.)
  • Various play modes like loop, autoplay, etc.

Easy to integrate!

It’s very simple to use and integrate the FLV Flash Fullscreen Video Player. There are three main possibilities:

  • Just link to the provided flashvideoplayer.html and set all the information in the URL (e.g. flashvideo-player.html?video=demo.flv). That’s it – the only thing you have to know is how to set a link :-)
  • Embed the Player using an iFrame (Example in the Download).
  • Use the comfortable HTML Generator that generates the HTML Code for you.


FLV and F4V DemosLet´s have a look at the examples of the FLV Flash Fullscreen Video Player!

See some demos: Showcase.


FLV and F4V DemosDownload the FLV Flash Fullscreen Video Player now! It´s Open Source.

The free FLV Player is Open Source and licensed under LGPL. Commercial use is permitted. [license]

Download FLV Flash Fullscreen Video Player
(FLV Player 1.9.7 (.zip), details here)

If you want to help this project, please donate. You can choose the amount by yourself.

One more thing!

FLV and F4V DemosYou want to dive deeper into it? This section is for you.


The English documentation is being written at the moment and can be found at Google Code.


Do you have a question? Ask it here.